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Progress April 20, 2015

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* movement forward or toward a place

* the process of improving or developing something over a period of time

Progress is one of those funny words – based on its definition(s), it is a completely positive concept.  But somehow, in this time and place in which attention spans are short and instant gratification is the goal, progress has been belittled.  Just think about it – if you asked someone how they were doing on a task, you’d be less than thrilled if they said “I’m making progress” (instead, you’d probably hope to hear that they were finished so you could move on to the next thing).

I’ve learned a lot about how to be proud of progress by doing CrossFit.  More importantly, I’ve started celebrating even the smallest steps in the right direction – progress doesn’t have to be monumental to be meaningful.  When I started going to the box, I couldn’t do a proper push-up, and the thought of lifting weights was enough to send me into a panic.  Now, after 2-3 months (of 3x weekly workouts), I am still (usually) the slowest/least talented athlete in the room, but I am better than the day before.  Or, as my husband told me when I got started, “CrossFit doesn’t get easier – it just starts to suck a little bit less.”  Ha!


So…what are you doing to be stronger than yesterday?