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Emmy Excellence August 27, 2014

Posted by bettyjoan in Pretty.

When I got rid of cable earlier this year, I neglected to think about the impact it would have on my awards show fashion watching!  Even though I only saw the lame network coverage of the red carpet (sniffle…E!, I miss you), I definitely have some thoughts about whose looks were made for TV and whose should be canceled immediately.

The Award-Worthy:


Heidi Klum was one of the first celebrities I saw, and I was so happy – she looks amazing!  The dress is great (fit, color, visual interest, yay!), the earrings are super cool, and the loose waves are beautiful.  Maybe not as much of a risk as she usually takes, but I’m okay with that.


Prints can be dangerous (see Betsy Brandt – sorry, Marie, but it just wasn’t attractive), but I think Julie Bowen knocked it out of the park with this dress.  She looks…just WOWZA.  I think the side part works really well, too.


I suspect that people either love or hate what Julia Roberts wore, but count me in the former camp.  She looked dazzling on the carpet, and it was so nice to see a short dress amongst a sea of gowns.


Some people have said they didn’t like the cut of this dress for Amy Poehler, but I thought she was exuding confidence and sexiness.  I think the styling really takes the whole look up a notch (it could have washed her out otherwise).

The (not-so-Breaking) Bad:

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

I hate how everyone was tip-toeing around how absolutely awful this outfit was.  “Oh, Lena Dunham always gives us something to talk about!”  Come on – this is ugly with a capital UG.  And I feel like her new hairstyle would have looked so fantastic contrasted with a dark, dramatic gown – a missed opportunity.


This dress says, “Hi, I’m Katherine Heigl, the mother of the bride.”  It ages her like whoa, and the color does absolutely nothing for her beautiful features.  Sad.


I will give Kerry Washington credit for the color – she rocks a bold hue.  But the cut and fit of this dress is completely wackadoo, and I don’t like the hair (it just looked limp, like it was doing well to hang from her head).  A rare miss for this fashionista – makes me wish for one of Olivia Pope’s rockin’ pantsuits.


I hate that I have to put Allison Janney on my no-no list, because I adore her and there probably aren’t many actresses I’d rather be friends/have a beer with (especially when I am re-watching “The West Wing” and falling in love with her all over again).  But sometimes friends gotta dish out the tough love, and this dress is just way too suburban-Winter Formal-circa-1982.  And wasn’t it SUPER hot out there (it IS August in L.A., after all)?  Velvet just doesn’t make sense.  All of that said, the hair and makeup were bangin’ and the fact that she somehow mentioned incontinence in her acceptance speech is pure awesomesauce.

The Smack in the Middle:


Every year, one pregnant actress just KILLS it on the red carpet.  Hayden Panettiere is so close here.  Hair?  Perfection.  Makeup?  Satisfactorily glowy.  Dress that hugs baby bump instead of trying to hide it?  Boom.  So what is my issue?  First, I am really, really hating the nude overlay on the torso.  It was not subtle, and it took away from what was otherwise a super sexy look.  I mean, come on – we can see the girls anyway, so show them in all of their enormous pregnant glory!  Second, except for the times when she was posing or being interviewed, she was displaying full-on resting bitchface.  It’s just not pretty.

So…what did everyone else think?



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