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Two by two January 27, 2014

Posted by bettyjoan in Running.
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Two pairs of pants.  Two pairs of socks.  Two shirts.  Two jackets.  Two hats.

That was my wardrobe for my long run yesterday.  In case you couldn’t tell, it was a wee bit chilly!

We were originally supposed to run on local trails/paths, starting at Fletcher’s Boathouse in Georgetown, but apparently everything was still iced over.  So, we started at the Senate reflecting pool (at Penn and 3rd) and did 4-mile loops along the mall.  Most of the route was clear because it was on public sidewalks,  but there was still plenty of ice in the areas that don’t get as much sun and traffic.  Needless to say, it was more of an obstacle course than I would have preferred!

When it was all said and done, I got about 10 miles in, and even with 8/2 intervals I maintained a sub-12-minute pace.  Not too shabby, considering that I tweaked my calf the weekend before, AND the week leading up to the long run was less-than-ideal from a training perspective.

Oh, and I felt like a total badass.  🙂



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