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Failure to launch January 21, 2014

Posted by bettyjoan in Fundraising, Races, Running.
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You may have noticed that the Nike Women’s Half Marathon is no longer on my “Upcoming Races” list.  I originally signed up with Team In Training to do both the Rock & Roll USA Marathon and Nike as fundraising events.  But since Jason and I have had a lot more trouble raising the funds for RNR than we anticipated, I concluded that it just isn’t realistic to raise the additional funds that would allow me to do Nike.  Even though I definitely think it’s the right decision, I am bummed, especially since the lottery period has ended so I don’t have another way to sign up for the race.

We have never had this much trouble fundraising before.  We have done TONS of events with TNT, raising thousands and thousands of dollars for a cause that is very important to us.  I haven’t quite put my finger on what has been different this time around, but I have some theories, and I suspect it’s a combination of a couple of factors.

We will certainly be adjusting our approach going forward, but for now, we are still looking forward to RNR.  Our training hasn’t been perfect, but we are hoping to still be ready for the full marathon.  If things don’t work out, we’ll definitely still do the half.

Since Nike is off the table, does anyone have suggestions for good half marathons in the April-May timeframe?  Also, has anyone planned to do a marathon but switched to the half at the last minute?  If so, why?  Were you disappointed?



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