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That’s my goal January 11, 2014

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One of my fitness goals for the new year was to do SOMETHING active every day for the whole month of January.  The idea was just to spend at least 30 minutes of every day walking, running, cross-training, doing yoga, cycling, or doing jumping jacks in my living room – counting out any walking that was a part of my daily commute.

So far, so good – it is January 10, and I haven’t missed a day.  I’m actually pretty surprised – it is harder than it sounds, especially when the weather is crummy.  Yes, it helps that I am training for a marathon, so I automatically have an incentive to get moving.  But keeping the streak alive is a separate motivator – which is kind of the whole point.  Here’s hoping I can keep it going next week when I am out of town.

In order to track our activity and give us that added boost, husband and I bought and started wearing Basis devices.  I will post a more thorough review once I’ve had it for a little bit longer, but I already like it better than other trackers on the market (FitBit, for example) because it can tell the difference between activities and you don’t have to tell it when you are asleep.  It has given me some interesting information about my habits, and I think it definitely provides a push, since every time I look at it, I am reminded of my activity and training goals.  It’s like an instant guilt trip!  🙂

The biggest problem?  The Basis is really ugly – like an old-school 80s Swatch watch.  So, it interferes with some of my beauty and fashion-related goals – isn’t it funny how exercise/sports can easily do that? – but I am working on finding a good balance between the two.

How do you find balance between your athletic side and your other interests?



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