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Sitting pretty December 25, 2013

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One of the funniest things about running is when you see your running friends under “normal” circumstances.  That is, it can be very disarming to see your marathon training buddies all spruced up and sparkly – after all, they have seen you in all of your sweaty, spandex-clad, ponytailed glory, and vice versa.  Who knew they were all regular people with real, non-wicking clothing???

I happen to love clothes and shoes and makeup and accessories, despite not having an unlimited budget for any of it.  I did, however, find some great websites and products this year, so here are my 2013 fashion and beauty picks!

Birchbox – Ever want to try new products without having to commit tons of bucks?  If so, Birchbox is for you.  For $10/month, they will send you 4-5 nice-sized samples at a time, based on your subscription preferences (for example, I don’t like hair products as much, so I get less of them and more of things like makeup and skin care).  I’ve gotten everything from nail polish to perfume to dry shampoo to facial cleansers, and everything in between!  In addition to just enjoying getting the box every month, I have actually found a few products that I now swear by.  My faves: Harvey Prince “Hello” perfume, Liz Earle cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser, Vasanti Brighten Up! enzmatic face rejuvenator, and the whole Eyeko liner/mascara collection.

Putting Me Together – This blog was recommended to me by a work colleague, and I love checking it every day.  Audrey’s style is accessible but still very chic and cool, and I have gotten a lot of ideas about “shopping my closet” from reading her posts.

Rent the Runway – I cannot believe I haven’t used this service before now.  RTR allows you to rent designer frocks for a variety of occasions and for a fraction of the retail price.  Yes, you have to give the clothes back, but seriously – how often are you going to wear a formal or semiformal gown?  I ordered a dress for NYE (even though I have a backup dress in my closet) while they were doing a $20.14 (!!!) special.  It’s this one, and it gets here on Friday – hope it fits (usually, RTR allows you to get a backup size for free, but this dress was only available in one of my target sizes)!

Bumble & Bumble – Remember how I said I don’t love hair products?  Well, especially since I have been growing out a super short cut for what seems like forever, I haven’t spent much time on my locks.  As in, use hotel shampoo/conditioner (I travel a lot for work and have quite the selection) and never blowdry or style.  I got to a point where that just wasn’t doing anything for my overall look, so my stylist (more on her in a minute) recommended the Gentle and Rich lines from B&B, in addition to their Prep styling spray.  One word: GENIUS.  My hair looks and feels so much healthier, and the color stays a lot richer, longer.  I started out with sample sized bottles, but now I am all in and I buy the HUGE pump bottles.

Trim Salon (Erin) – I got this referral from a friend whose hair I very much admire, and I am so very glad.  Erin is amazing!  Not only is she great with my hair (which can be challenging), but she is super fun to talk to.  The salon is small but very neat and chic, and I never feel pressured or rushed in any way.

Commando – Now that I am living in cold(er) DC winters, hosiery is an unavoidable necessity.  But man, tights are such a downer – they snag, they stretch, and they always seem to bunch and hug exactly where you need it the least.  Then, one day, I read a Buzzfeed article about great “beauty hacks,” and thus began my relationship with the best tights EVER.  Seriously.  They are comfortable and very well-made, and I don’t know how I’m ever going to wear any other tights ever again.  They are pricey, but they really do the trick – no lumps, no bumps, period.

As 2014 approaches, I want to continue spending the time and effort to express my personal style – I always feel better when I do.  I’m going to try to be more judicious with my purchases, making sure I am getting the most out of my existsing wardrobe AND only splurging on pieces that are timeless and well-made, and that fit my body and my personality.  I would also like to write a bit more about fashion and beauty – even though this blog was started to track my training endeavors, I really do believe that exercise is only one part of overall wellness.

What do you all think?



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