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New challenges November 8, 2013

Posted by bettyjoan in Fundraising, Races, Running.
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You may have noticed that there are some new races in my “Upcoming Races” widget.  Not only am I running the Veterans Day 10K this weekend (on a whim, a girlfriend suggested the race and I decided to jump on board), but I am also signed up for both the Rock & Roll USA Marathon – yes, the full – and the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.

As much as hubby and I wanted London to be our 2014 marathon (I figure I’m up for one full every two years), his work situation has made international travel pretty unlikely for the next year or two.  Also, we were really missing being involved with Team In Training, so we decided to register for whatever local race they were planning for Spring ’14.  Bing, bang, boom – that’s how we wound up committing to the RnR race.  I decided to tack on the Nike half as an extra challenge (to avoid the usual post-marathon exercise slump).

Obviously, since we are training with TNT, we are also fundraising!  I need to raise $3,200 for my two races, so here is my fundraising page:


Please stay tuned for training updates, fundraising events, and other super-fun marathon goodness.  🙂

What is everyone else’s race calendar looking like?



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