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Ants in the pantalones December 27, 2011

Posted by bettyjoan in Races, Running.
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I have been feeling really antsy about this whole Madrid trip, and the other day I was trying to put my finger on why.  After all, even though I’m certainly not a marathon expert, I have done 26.2 before, so I don’t think it’s the distance that has my knickers in a twist.  The travel component isn’t new either, as I’ve done races as far away as California.  Is it the international aspect?  It has certainly been a while (over 10 years, yikes) since I crossed the proverbial pond, but aside from some extra airport security, foreign travel has gotten easier rather than harder, thanks to online booking and internet travel guides and whatnot.

Finally, I honed in on a disconnect – I’m sitting here, in December, shopping airfares to Spain (which SUCK, by the way) and buying travel books and investigating my leave balances at work.  And what do my “long” runs look like?  3-5 miles, tops.  My running plans don’t match up with my travel plans, and that is causing my brain some serious confusion.  Ack!

The good news is that after the New Year, the days AND our runs will start to get longer, and I’ll start feeling like I’m actually preparing for a marathon.

The bad news?

I wanna go to Spain NOOOOOOOOW!  😉



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