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Reluctantly crouched at the starting line June 9, 2011

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Okay, maybe I wasn’t reluctant (who can resist quoting Cake???), but I did make my way to the starting line this past weekend.  While we were in Charleston, SC, for a wedding, Jason and I decided to do a 5K – and actually, I realized that it was my first race since December.  Crazy!  Anywho, the 5K marked the end of Week 6 of half marathon training (we are once again following the Hal Higdon novice schedule), so it was a great opportunity to gauge progress.

The race was called the Floppin’ Flounder 5K, which I thought was adorable, and it was celebrating its 20th year.  It wasn’t a huge event or anything, but it was nicely put together – plenty of parking, friendly volunteers, available bathrooms, and cute (albeit cotton) tee-shirts.  The “starting line” was just a couple of cones and a guy with a megaphone, which was a little odd considering that they went to the trouble of offering chip timing.

I had a bad feeling at the start of the race, because even though we started toward the middle of the pack, as soon as the whistle blew, TONS of people just flew right past us.  I was really discouraged, especially since I was pacing at about a 10-minute mile at that point (maybe even a bit faster).  Jason reminded me not to start out too fast, though, and I tried to settle into a groove.  The course, which was a figure-eight around Sullivan’s Island, was flat as a pancake – thank goodness, because it was ridiculously hot, even at 8 AM.

Gradually, as we kept our pace consistent and others…well, didn’t…we started to pass people who had passed us at the beginning of the race.  Suckas!  🙂  The last mile or so was REALLY tough, since it was on blacktop and the sun was brutally beating down on our backs, but we dug deep and kept going, and we wound up crossing the finish line together in 31:49.  PRs for both of us, woo hoo!

Overall, I felt really good about the race.  Hopefully, I will continue to train smart and strong, and I’ll be ready for both a 10K PR and a half marathon PR in July!

I signed up for a few more races in late summer/fall as well – but more on that in another post!



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