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Resolution redux May 3, 2011

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Way back when, I threw a list of goals out there.  At the time, they didn’t seem too numerous or unreasonable.  But, of course, life has a way of mucking up our best intentions.  When I broke my ankle back in March, all of the athletic/racing goals were put on hold.  Work got crazy and travel responsibilities increased, so some of the food and “life” goals were also a lot harder to attain than I originally anticipated.  The bottom line?  I bit off more than I could chew, and I was feeling REALLY guilty about it.

Then, after Jason finished the Publix Half Marathon, he confided in me that even though he was proud of his accomplishment, he still felt like he wasn’t doing enough for his health.  I agreed – we were using our athletic training as an excuse to eat crapola and drink lots of beer.  So, we decided to embark on a diet, with the hope that it would turn into more of a lifestyle change.  We enlisted an app/website called My Fitness Pal, which is a pretty simple and user-friendly platform with which to log calories (both consumed and burned) and track progress.

Who’d have thunk it?  Cutting calories and increasing exercise helps you lose weight!  🙂

Jason has lost about 10 pounds, and I’m hovering around 8.  Have I had one cup of tea per day?  Nope, not every day.  Have I gone to the dentist or read a book or PRd a half marathon?  Not yet, no.  BUT, I feel like I have made great strides toward a healthier, happier way of life – and more importantly, I’ve STUCK WITH IT.

I may not be meeting my original goals, but I believe I’ve succeeded in being honest with myself (instead of denying the truth and getting depressed/pissy) and acknowledging the need for a “do-over.”  In terms of personal growth and achievement, I think I wound up a winner in the end!



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