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You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone March 14, 2011

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There was a time in my life – not too long ago, in fact – when I was horrified at the thought of running.  The idea of entering a race, of any distance, was ludicrous to me.  If you had told me then that I would develop an affinity for half-marathons and Olympic-distance triathlons, I would have backed away slowly and called the authorities.

Now, of course, I consider myself an athlete.  A runner.  Sometimes I am a tired and cranky and reluctant runner, and I am definitely a slow runner, but I am a runner nonetheless.  I am so much a runner that I even got my husband to sign up for his first 5K in December (which he finished successfully, despite terrible weather and a challenging course).  After that, I convinced him to sign up for the Publix Half-Marathon with me.  It has been amazing to train with him and watch him make the transition from non-runner to runner.

Unfortunately, during our 9 mile training run two weekends ago, I went and messed everything up.  We were running at the Big Creek Greenway in Forsyth, and about 2.5 miles into our journey, I hit the pavement wrong and rolled my ankle.  I’ve done it a hundred times before, so despite the pain, I figured I could keep on going and finish the run.  As soon as we hit mile 9 and stopped, my ankle swelled up to the size of a softball and started REALLY hurting.  When it wasn’t feeling any better the next day (after ice and elevation and whatnot), I went to the doctor.  I fully expected him to tell me that it was a bad sprain.  But…

…my ankle was broken.  IS broken.

The full verdict: I broke my fibula, and I also likely sprained my ankle (you can’t really tell that from an x-ray).  I will be in a walking cast for 4 weeks (well, 3, since it’s been a week since the initial diagnosis), and then there will be more x-rays, and then we will discuss braces, rehab, and when my race schedule can resume.  The Publix half-marathon is obviously out, as is my May sprint triathlon (I may be able to run by then, but a month or less is not long enough to train for a tri, especially if I am training at less than 100%).  The goal now is to be up and running – pun intended – for the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon in July, for which hubby and I are already registered.  The doctor said not to buy the plane tickets yet, but that it was reasonable to shoot for that race as my triumphant return.

So, what am I doing now, besides whining on my blog?  Well, even though I’m antsy, I’m trying to think positively and make the best of a bad situation.  I am allowed to swim, so I am going to try to get back into a pool routine.  Last weekend, I worked a water stop for Team In Training, which allowed me to see my husband and other pals during their training runs (which, admittedly, made me jealous – but I was happy to be able to provide hydration and hugs).  I’m strategizing about how to cheer my hubby on this weekend as he runs his first half-marathon – and, for the record, I am so incredibly, heart-burstingly proud of him.  I cannot wait to see him cross that finish line!

I suppose that there are very few athletes who go their whole lives without an injury that sidelines them temporarily.  Therefore, I wear my oh-so-sexy walking cast as a badge of pride, as it shows that even though I am clumsy and fragile, I am getting out there and challenging myself.

I am a runner.  An athlete.

And that’s just how I roll…



1. bearrunner - March 14, 2011

Ouch!! Broken ankle… I feel your pain. It isn’t easy when something you start and do everyday, you no longer do..


2. jimmy - March 14, 2011

I’m sorry to hear this, I hope you have a speedy recovery!

3. bettyjoan - March 22, 2011

Thanks, all – two more weeks in the boot, and then we’ll see where things stand.

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