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18 til I die September 21, 2010

Posted by bettyjoan in Running.
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Two weeks ago, I was a baaaaad runner.  After our 18-miler over Labor Day weekend, I engaged in WAY too much anniversary fun, then I got sicky, and then my calendar was packed full with events and travel (I know, rough life).

How was the 18-miler, you ask?  Well, I suppose I should start by explaining that I did TWO of them.

The Labor Day 18-miler was pretty positive.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL – for the first time, it really felt like fall was right around the corner.  The cool temps and low humidity really pumped everyone up, and I think my little running trio may have started off with a bit too much giddyup.  Oh, well.  🙂  The river course is a tad frustrating because it alternates between almost totally flat and HUGE hills.  My knees definitely protested, and I somehow developed two of the biggest blisters in history on my left foot, so the last half of the run was more painful than I’d prefer – but otherwise, I felt nice and strong and like a REAL runner.  After my usual ice bath and nap, I ate and drank a LOT and then took the aforementioned unplanned week off.

Last week, I tried to be better – I was SUPER busy at work, but I did make it to the group 10-miler on Wednesday night (which turned into more of an 8-miler for me, but close enough).  Then came…the 20-miler.  The last long run before the blessed taper.  This past Saturday, I was well-rested and ready to tackle this enormous personal milestone.

We were back at the river, though the weather was not nearly as cooperative – it was hot and humid, and the sun wasn’t hiding between a single cloud.  I started feeling tired and just “off” a lot earlier than I should have, around the 10-12 mile marker.  I stopped at every water station for H20 and Gatorade, and I even took salt about halfway through the run.  Despite what I thought was good hydration and balanced electrolytes, around miles 15 and 16 I started to get dizzy and headachy and nauseated.  My running buddy looked at me with mild horror and noted that I wasn’t sweating at all.  Sure enough, I was bone dry, AND my fingers were swelling up like sausages – I was retaining fluids, and everything felt out of whack.  So, as much as it pained me and hurt my pride, I stopped at the 18 mile marker and asked for a sweep back to the start.  Two miles wasn’t going to derail my training.

After rest and reflection, I am definitely excited to be tapering and excited that THE CHICAGO MARATHON IS ONLY 18 DAYS AWAY!!!



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