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And miles to go before I sleep… August 19, 2010

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Sorry for being such a lame-o blogger.  Things have been crazy!  Since the end of June,  I have signed a contract on a house, finished the tri season, gone on vacation, worked on fundraising, booked my flights and hotel for Chicago, applied for a promotion, and of course, ramped up my marathon training!  I cannot believe that the Chicago Marathon is in 51 days.  ACK!

I’ve tried really hard to be a good little wannabe marathon runner.  I was injured coming off of Chattanooga (just some tendon damage in my foot, nothing serious), so I started slowly, but each week I increased my mileage and tried to improve.  I frequently woke up at 4 AM to get my workouts in before heading to the office.  I even managed to be pretty diligent about running while on vacay in Charleston, despite the humidity and the overwhelming desire to sleep in.  I’ve been tuned into my hydration and salt consumption, and I’ve learned the benefits of icing.

So far, my longest training run has been 14 miles, and I did that on August 8.  Not gonna lie – it was HARD.  Because it was the day after vacation, I was a little bit off my game, and I ended up straining my calf/Achilles area quite a bit.  Thankfully, ice and rest helped a lot, and everything seemed to be back to normal for the following week’s 8-miler.  The next challenge?  This Saturday’s 16-miler.  I am totally freaked out about it, but then I get even MORE loony tunes when I think, “Hmm, add TEN MILES to that, and that’s what you have to run on October 10th.”  GAH!

Here’s hoping that this next longest run goes smoothly – we will be training with all of the TNT teams (fall, winter, marathon, triathlon, you name it), so I will have the pleasure of seeing many of my summer tri pals.  I also have the pleasure of knowing that our summer tri honored hero, Dani, found out last week that she is CANCER FREE!!!  As much as 16 miles is probably going to hurt, it is nothing compared to the physical and emotional pain that Dani and her family experienced over the past year.

As for fundraising, I am about $800-$900 shy of my $3,500 minimum at this point.  If you haven’t yet visited my fundraising website, please do – even $10 makes a HUGE difference!  I am hosting a jewelry show on Saturday, a fundraising day at Marlow’s restaurant on August 30, and with any luck, that will push me right past my goal.  This has been a tough season for fundraising, since everyone is tapped out with the economy and what not, but this is such an important cause.

I will try to be much better about updates – and I will definitely write about what 16 miles feels like!



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