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Catching up April 9, 2010

Posted by bettyjoan in Fundraising.
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It’s never a good idea to “cram” and try to “catch up” on missed workouts, but hey, I can catch up on missed blog posts, right?

I absolutely cannot believe we’re a week into April.  I feel like this tri season is just flying by.  Training is going slow and steady, but I’m confident that I’ll pick up the pace and be good to go for all three (!!!) of my races this summer.  The first one up is the DC Tri, which is in just over two months – EEK!

Running is probably the component I’ve been the most consistent with in terms of training, simply because it’s the easiest to sneak in.  I did have a good ride at Harbins last weekend (20 miles), and I hope to do 30+ miles at Cartersville tomorrow.  I also hope to practice reaching for my water bottle, as I have yet to master drinking on the bike.  In terms of swimming, I feel pretty strong in the water these days, but my coach says that I’m overrotating and moving my head too much when I breathe, so I need to practice being a little more still and controlled.

In terms of fundraising, I’ve stopped for the tri season and moved my focus solely onto Chicago.  I tried to host a cooking class, where I was going to demo healthy dishes and give out goodies and recipe cards, but there was pratically NO interest (I think that was mostly due to the fact that I live far away from most folks).  So, I’ve changed my strategy and am going to sell homemade jams and baked goods – and I already have a confirmed order for one of my key lime pies!

I’m also selling Bondi Bands again, and I have lots and lots of different styles and colors to choose from.  They are GREAT wicking headbands, especially in the hot summer months.  I’m offering them for $10 each or three for $25, with all of the proceeds, of course, going to my Chicago fundraising.  If you’re interested in buying some bands, or if you have a hankering for some of my home cookin’ (haha), shoot me a message and I’ll happily discuss an appropriate donation.  🙂

How’s everyone else’s training going?  Hope you all enjoy the gorgeous weather this weekend!



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