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Back in the saddle again January 7, 2010

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Well, I attended TNT mentor orientation/training on Tuesday night, and today I registered for Iron Girl Atlanta.  It’s official: triathlon season has begun!

It seems crazy to me that it was a whole YEAR ago that I started my Team In Training triathlon journey, and that now I’m getting set to mentor others through the program.  I am really looking forward to helping a whole new group of triathletes become addicted to the sport (and to TNT)!

In addition to helping the participants to succeed, I have goals of my own for this tri season.  First, I would like to complete four events this season.  I’m signed up for Iron Girl, and I’ll definitely do Chattanooga again (since that’s the event for which I’ll be mentoring), but the other two are up in the air.  At the moment, I’m thinking Macon Rock & Rollman (which is a 1/2 Iron distance–eek) and Tugaloo, but I’m just not sure I’ll be ready for the former.  They DO have a sprint event, too, so that’s something to think about.  Any other events I should be considering?

My other goals are not as quantifiable – at least not yet.  It is way too early in the season to be setting finishing times for myself, so I’ll wait to ponder that until I have a better sense of where my fitness falls on the spectrum.  I know I want to improve my swimming efficiency, and I definitely want to conquer my fear of downhill cycling (that alone should cut my finishing times in half, haha), and I want to learn how to properly pace myself and get nutrition on the bike so that I don’t totally poop out on the run.  That’s not too much to ask, is it?  Oy…I have my work cut out for me!

It’s going to take a lot of time and effort, but I am really looking forward to another year to training and racing.  What do other triathletes have planned?



1. jimmy - January 7, 2010

Good luck in 2010!

It’s not nearly as close as Macon, but I loved White Lake for my first half iron.

Re nutrition on the bike, I use perpetuem. It seems to work for me, though it can get kinda gross on a hot day.

bettyjoan - January 8, 2010

Thanks! Hmm, White Lake…will have to look into that. Everyone says Macon is a great race, but very challenging. Not sure I’ll be ready.

Is perpetuem a gel? The gels kind of upset the ol’ tummy, so I like the gummy chews (Sharkies are my faves), but I still haven’t figured out a good way to bike one-handed in order to eat and drink. I have GOT to resolve that problem before I even think about a Half Iron–you can’t fake nutrition for that distance.

Didn’t know you were a triathlete! We’ll have to swap war stories sometime. 🙂

2. jimmy - January 8, 2010

White Lake is great for 1st time because the races is small (less than 500 people), the lake swim is gorgeous and very low stress, and the bike and run are FLAT. It’s an early season race though, you’d have to start training very soon.

I really enjoyed Augusta this past year too.

Perpetuem is a powder. I mix up one of my water bottle with it, using so much powder that it’s a very thick consistency. You just drink a bit of it about every 15 minutes on the bike and wash it down with some water or the like. I use it in lieu of gels.

I’ve heard some people don’t like it, for various reasons, including upset stomach, but it’s worth a shot. I was diligent in drinking it in Augusta and felt great coming off the bike, tons of energy.

I think it’s all about what you train with and are used to, but my nutrition is:

– salt/electrolyte pills – 1 per hour
– bike: one water bottle, one perpetuem bottle, one bottle of gatorade
– run: (continue with the pills), water at every mile, gel every 3 miles or so

Still fine tuning it, I think I’ll have to get more serious about nutrition for Ironman FL 2010.

Good luck!

3. bettyjoan - January 8, 2010

Yeah, May 8 ain’t gonna happen. Plus, it’s probably a wetsuit race (I can’t imagine the water being 80 degrees at that point), and I am holding off buying one as long as I can! I heard great things about Augusta, but I was thinking about doing that as my fundraising event in 2011. We shall see–Half Iron just may not be in the cards this year, and that’s A-OK. I’ll do at least two Olympics, and it would be great to improve my time significantly at that distance.

Good luck to you in your training! Do you chronicle your efforts anywhere? I’m always interested in reading about others’ journeys.

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