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In a slump October 7, 2009

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As you can probably tell by my lack of posts, training hasn’t been at the top of my priority list since the triathlon season wound down (for me, anyway–for some folks it JUST finished).  To be fair, I did get married and go out of town for business, and life in general is as busy as ever.  But really, the basic, bottom-line truth of the matter is that I am in a slump.

I haven’t been on my bike since July.  The pool?  Please.  I signed up for a half-marathon in November, thinking that it would spur me to work on my running game, but I haven’t done more than 4 miles at a time since my last tri.  I am feeling unprepared for my upcoming race, but more than that, I am feeling fat and lazy (though I know I am truly not either of those things) and unworthy of the “triathlete” title.

Have y’all (if there’s anyone still reading) ever found yourselves in a similar situation?  Did you find a way out?  How?



1. Amy - October 8, 2009

Hi – I just found your blog recently and was hoping it wasn’t over! You actually inspired me to sign up for the ING Georgia Half Marathon in 2010 (although I live in NYC, I have family in the Atlanta area). I just finished my (first) triathlon season and am now curretntly in my own slump. I’m thinking of signing up for some short running races throughout the winter to keep me going. Hang in there!

2. bettyjoan - October 8, 2009

Hi Amy, and welcome! Nope, the blog isn’t over, but it has been feeling a bit neglected lately. I just haven’t felt motivated at all, despite having a half-marathon on the calendar in one month. Ugh.

I ran the ING Half last year, and it was a good race. My first half, in fact. Cold in the beginning, but a nice (hilly) course and LOTS of folks out there cheering. I haven’t decided if I’m doing it again (will depend on my work and tri schedules, TBD), but if I am, we’ll have to say hello somehow!

3. felfoldi - November 5, 2009

Betty, I did a 1/35/8KM triathlon in 2007. It was 2 year before I even started another — and those were sprints. I’m preparing in the off season with biking — 40 miles/week cumulative.

Basically, go ahead and sign up for smaller tri’s to keep you on task, and a yearly big one to push you to your limits.

4. bettyjoan - November 10, 2009

Good for you, my friend. I am trying to focus on my running in the off-season, as my cycling issues really require coaching intervention and I won’t have that again till January or February. 🙂

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