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Music to tri to July 27, 2009

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To help us cope with our triathlon withdrawal, one of my wonderful teammates made everyone these fabulous CDs, chock full of tri-related music.  Songs like R.E.M.’s “Night Swimming” and Cake’s “Going The Distance” are great, but my favorite track is numero uno.  Once you read the lyrics, you’ll understand why!

“The Triathlon Song”

Well it’s 5am and I’m ready to go.
A little stretching and a cup of joe.
The stars are fading from the sky.
Got that early morning high.

Lots of miles, lots of sweat
It was worth it, I’m all set
Got my wetsuit on and I’m ready to fly
Damn, my tires are pumped and so am I!

Well, swim, bike, run
Yeah, it’s so much fun!
Here comes the morning sun
But I won’t be first and I won’t be last
But I’m knowing that I’ll have a blast
I’m in the swim: feel that morning chill
I’m on the bike: hammer up that hill
I’m running fast: like I knew I would
And it feels so good!
Well it feels so good!

Barely made it to T1 alive
T2 was quick, just 1:05
My biking muscles are ready to fold
Come on, running legs take hold

I’m sweating buckets everywhere
Two liters low but I don’t care
I’d give my wife, my house, my car
If I could set a new PR!

Well, swim, bike, run
Yeah, it’s so much fun!
I’m not stopping ‘til I’m done
Well, I’ll crawl on in as a last resort
But man, I love this sport!
There’s the finish line I never thought I’d see
I hear the crowd, they’re all cheering me
A final burst, like I knew I could
When it feels so good!
Well, it feels so good!
‘Cause it feels so good
To stop



1. alise - July 27, 2009

we heart this song too! there’s a video of it on you tube too!

2. bettyjoan - July 28, 2009

Yeah, the video is great, too. I have had this song in my head all week!

3. mvgage - July 29, 2009

Hey girl, so glad that you like the CD. I love that song. I’m still trying to set up my blog to my liking so I keep coming back to your sites to copy! Thanks for the help. Your blogs are great!

4. bettyjoan - August 5, 2009

Thanks, MV! Copy away. 🙂

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