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Chattyvegas, here I come! July 10, 2009

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This is it.  My “A” race weekend is right around the corner.  Not that Iron Girl wasn’t a HUGE accomplishment (and a TON of fun), but this race has always been my holy grail.  I mean, come on, an OLYMPIC DISTANCE TRIATHLON.  I don’t guess I’ve ever attempted anything even remotely relating to the Olympics.  Hell, I barely even WATCH the Olympics (thus earning the nickname “Hanoi Jane” from one of my buddies).

I’ve been a good little triathlete and have been tapering.  I went to the beach last week and did two nice, flat, low-mileage (14 and 9, respectively) rides.  I ran a few miles on the beach.  I tried to get lots of good sleep and curb the alcohol consumption.  I did NOT manage to curb my fried shrimp consumption, but what are ya gonna do?

We had our last group swim on Wednesday night, and I got back from vacation early and was able to attend.  Thank goodness, as I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this workout–a 300 meter warmup, followed by two-by-two sprint races, followed by relay races (during which we sprinted, sunk down and touched the bottom of the pool, and sprinted some more), followed by the highlight of the evening…

…doggie paddle racing while singing the “Meow Mix” song.  No lie.  If I can doggie paddle 50 meters while meowing, laughing, and NOT inhaling enough water to clog my lungs, then Chattanooga will be a piece of cake.  Ha!

Our coaches still can’t believe the crazy and humiliating things we will do at their request.  I hope they realize now that we are putty in their hands, thanks to the time and energy and faith they have put in us all season long.  A little meowing in exchange for teaching me to swim, bike, and run?  No problem.

Hope everyone has a great weekend–wish me luck!



1. Alise - July 10, 2009


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