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Dream weaver June 16, 2009

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Those of you who know me in real life may remember that a few weeks before the bar exam (and then again a few weeks before results came out), I started having really crazy dreams about the test.  Well, now that Iron Girl is less than two weeks away (eeeeeek), the weirdo triathlon dreams have begun.

The first one came upon me last week and was especially odd.  The race was supposed to be the Chattanooga Waterfront Tri (the one I’m doing on July 12), but it looked nothing like Chattanooga.  I was simultaneously staying in a posh hotel suite and at the home of one of my veterans.  I was running around like crazy trying to put my bike in transition (which kept moving for some reason), and I ran into a high school friend who, consequently, I’ve just recently gotten back in touch with (in real life, not in the dream) via my food blog and Facebook.  Finally, when I made it to the swim start (which was a lake, not a river like it was supposed to be), the wife of one of my coaches was there with me.  I looked out at the water and could barely see the buoy–and I FREAKED.  I kept screaming at Amy (my coach’s wife), “Oh my God, the buoy is SO FAR AWAY!!!  How am I EVER going to swim to the buoy?!?!?!”  In the dream, she was definitely not amused.  Good thing she’s awesome in real life and would find all of these dream shenanigans hilarious.

The next dream allegedly took place during Iron Girl (but of course it looked nothing like the actual course).  My coach, Mary, was there, but she wasn’t so much coaching as she was trying to organize a karaoke and beer-drinking outing.  The swim part of the tri was held in a pool right near the transition area, so the whole sequence of events was very chaotic and weird.  The craziest thing about the dream was that I finished the race in, like, an hour–and I wasn’t even really excited about it!  That’s how I knew it was a dream–I am just hoping for a sub-2:30 finish at Iron Girl.  And I will be jumping and screaming like a mad woman if I manage to accomplish that goal!



1. MV Gage - June 19, 2009

Would love to see Mary singing Karaoke….. Your dreams are CRAZY….sort of like you :-0……….LOL……..

Send me the link to your food blog please….

2. bettyjoan - June 22, 2009

Haha, me too–maybe we can do that for our TEAM reunion. 🙂

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