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My first tri injury… June 12, 2009

Posted by bettyjoan in Cycling, Swimming.
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…and I wasn’t moving at all when it happened.

Okay, it’s just a busted thumb–I sort of stabbed it and jammed it simultaneously, so it is bleeding/scabbing AND sore/swollen.  BUT, I did it while trying to change my tire, which is probably the lamest excuse for an injury, ever, in the history of triathlon.

I got to Dynamo early on Wednesday so that I could learn all about how to perform tire maintenance.  Getting the front and rear tires on and off the bike was a relatively simple process, but once I sat down to “change” the rear tire (which actually means removing the tire itself and changing the interior tube), I started having trouble.  First, I couldn’t seem to get the tire levers hooked into the tire and NOT the tube–I guess partially because my tires have an unusually large bead.  When I finally got one lever hooked and tried to slide the other lever under the tire to remove it, my hand slipped and I ended up stabbing/jamming the tool into my thumb.  Ouch!  After washing my bloody finger and gathering all of my gumption, I did manage to remove the tire, take the tube out, put the tube back in, reposition the tire, and pump the whole thing back up.  Then I put the tire back on the bike and PRAYED that I didn’t screw anything up too badly.  Guess I’ll find out during this weekend’s ride…

After the tire clinic and a VERY stern lecture to my teammates about the importance of sunscreen (I will probably post about that soon), we got in the pool, which felt surprisingly refreshing.  I did 300 meters of warm-up, and then moved on to 6 x 50 of “distance per stroke” swimming, which basically involves being as long and lean in the water as possible (to decrease the amount of strokes you have to take).  Then we did a delightful little torture routine of 10 pool-deck push-ups (hands on the deck, body in the water, push up), 100 meters fast, and 100 meters easy, with no rest in between.  I got through that routine three times and then it was almost time to quit, so I did another 200 meters, this time at just under race pace.  Whew!

I’d say I definitely earned my burrito that night.



1. briankainec - June 16, 2009

Betty, I recommend getting and old tire and rim and practicing the tire/tube change a few dozen times. You’ll want to be able to it with your eyes closed in case of a flat on the course.

2. bettyjoan - June 16, 2009

Excellent advice. Though I still think that if I get a flat on the course, my first order of business will be to cry.

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