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Head over heels June 1, 2009

Posted by bettyjoan in Cycling.
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I couldn’t wait to go on my first ride with my new bike.  I knew I would feel a little squirrely, but I also knew that I needed a few shorter practice runs before a long ride with the team.  Unfortunately, that inaugural ride represented another major first.

My fiance’s first-ever broken bone.

Yep, he managed to go 34 years without breaking anything, and then one bike ride with me ruined his perfect record.  I didn’t see it, as he was behind me, but this is how I think it all went down…

We were riding the Freedom Trail, right around the Carter Center (which, incidentally, is right across the street from our loft).  We had gone up to Boulevard, come back past Inman Park, and gone down to the Candler Park golf course, and we were riding between North Highland and Freedom Parkway in order to complete the loop and get home.  Since I wasn’t totally confident on the downhills, I called back to Jason to pass me if he wanted to go faster.  All of  a sudden, I heard a VERY loud crash behind me.  My heart started racing.  Not wanting to crash (more for the well-being of my newly paid-for bike, I’m sad to say), I veered into the grass, unclipped my shoes from the pedals, and turned to run toward my honey.

He was lying on the sidewalk with his eyes closed.  He was breathing and conscious and all of that important stuff, but he was clearly in a great deal of shock and pain.  His left side, particularly in the elbow region, was covered in some bloody road rash.  I had to REALLY try hard not to cry.

Some well-meaning citizens who witnessed the wipeout asked us if we needed a ride to the hospital.  Jason tried to sit up, but he became really lightheaded and grabbed his left shoulder in agony.  We decided at that point that a call to 911 would be in order.  After arguing with the dispatch operator about where we were located (“In the Kroger parking lot?”  “No, across from the CARTER CENTER parking lot!!!”), we made idle chit-chat with the good samaritans, one of whom had a sling on her shoulder from a similar accident.

The ambulance finally arrived and hauled Jason and his bike to Atlanta Medical Center (one of three hospitals within a few miles of our place), while I took my bike home and then raced to the ER.  When I arrived, my baby was all gowned up and about to get a nice shot of demerol in the thigh.  After that, it was pretty standard emergency medicine: talk to the doctor, wait an hour, go for an x-ray, wait an hour, talk to the doctor, wait an hour, get a CT-scan, wait an hour, blah blah etc etc ad infinitum.

Long story short (too late), Jason somehow managed to break his scapula.  Apparently this means he is quite talented, as it is a very difficult bone to break.  Hey, dare to be different, I suppose.  He’s alternating between a shoulder immobilizer and a basic sling, and he’ll go back to the orthopedist in about three weeks for a progress check, more x-rays, and potentially some physical therapy.  Meanwhile, I am tending to his cuts and scrapes and making sure  that he is as comfortable as possible (usually by bringing him beers and leaving him alone, haha).  He’s still antsy and hurting, but he’s been a good patient.  Mostly he just wants to start exercising again!

Between Jason’s accident and my subsequent bout with the flu (of the non-swine variety), my new bike has been dormant since the day I bought it.  This coming weekend, though?  It’s ON.



1. briankainec - June 2, 2009

Take it easy you first few trips and don’t try to conquer the world in a day like i did. 🙂

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[…] posts, folks–I had a touch of the plague.  Between my fiance’s broken shoulder (see my tri blog for the story) and my flu virus, there wasn’t a lot of cooking going on over the […]

3. bettyjoan - June 3, 2009

Haha, thanks for the advice, B!

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