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Just breathe May 21, 2009

Posted by bettyjoan in Swimming.

It seems that just when I’m feeling zen about something, I get knocked back to reality.  Last night in the pool, I reverted to my pre-breakthrough self.  Argh.

Among other things, we did a 20-30 minute continuous swim last night, but there was a twist this time (I knew we were in for trouble when the coaches described the workout as “special”).  Instead of going up and down the lanes, the coaches removed all the lane lines from the pool and placed strategically located bouys throughout the space.  We had to swim continuously, but we had to always keep the bouys to our right–which meant that we had to practice sighting AND try to navigate the shortest course around.

I wasn’t freaked out at the start, since we’ve done multiple continuous swims and group starts.  But for some reason, I couldn’t get into my usual breathing/stroke rhythm, and I ended up gasping for air.  I had to go to “sweet spot” (a drill that involves rolling onto your back) a bunch of times, and I never fully recovered or got into a groove.  Once the final whistle blew, I headed to the wall to rest, and a delightful wave of dizziness came over me.  I quickly made my way to the ladder and sat on the bleachers with my head between my knees.  Good times.

Best I can figure, I panicked (subconsciously, maybe) about the new situation and started hyperventilating.  But I was so focused on pushing through that the extra oxygen didn’t hit me till I was finished.  However it happened, I was not pleased–it was the first time that I’ve had to exit the pool before the workout was finished, and I did not enjoy the feeling of defeat.

Since this weekend is a holiday, we have no group training sessions.  I hope to put in some significant pool time, so maybe I can get back to feeling as comfortable in the water as I did before last night’s debacle.

Next up…my morning at bootcamp…stay tuned!



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