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Movin’ on up (maybe) May 1, 2009

Posted by bettyjoan in Swimming.

Wednesday night’s swim started out pretty rough.  The air was wonderfully warm, which meant that the pool felt pretty darn cold.  My arms were still a bit sore from lifting weights on Monday, and I was tired from a stressful day at the office.  To top it all off, we were practicing pacing–which meant a healthy dose of sprints.

After doing a few 150s at race pace, one of my teammates and I asked the coach how we could generate more speed in the water.  He said that we needed to be more efficient, which of course hinges on proper technique.  To help us out, he suggested that we do something called a catch-up drill (explained here).  It was really challenging and a LOT to think about, but it actually helped quite a bit.  After a few laps of that, the coach told us to do a “three-quarters” catch-up drill; in other words, instead of touching hands each time, our hands entered the water when they were 3/4 of the way to touching.  In both drills, it was crucial that our elbows entered the water last and that our palms pressed straight back toward the wall.

At the end of the workout, the coach came toward me, wagging his finger.  I was ready for a lecture (though a good-natured one, as our coaches are VERY positive and encouraging), but instead, he said, “You were REALLY swimming.  If you keep that up, we’re going to move you up to the fast lanes.”  My jaw probably dropped straight to the ground.

But the feedback wasn’t over!  One of our other coaches approached me on the way to Moe’s (where we go for post-swim burritos) and said, “What the hell happened to YOU in the pool???”  Except she meant it in a GOOD way!  She said that she saw me swimming and had to ask the other coach who I was–and that she was shocked and amazed when he said, “That’s Betty!”

I didn’t think my ego could get any bigger, but THEN my night hit its highest point.  One of my teammates, as we were walking into the locker room, did a double take of me and said, “Betty, your arms look AMAZING–you are so toned!  You really have that hourglass figure thing going for you.”  I dropped my gym bag and hugged her on the spot.

Certainly, all of my training has been positive–I’ve gotten TONS of support, I’ve met some incredible people, and I feel good knowing that I’m doing all of this work for a great cause.  But some days are simply too good to believe!

Here’s hopin’ that I’ll be able to have another “too good” day at the Big Peach 5K tomorrow!



1. Marshall - May 1, 2009

I’m continually impressed at how much work and time you’re putting into all of this. Makes me feel bad for skipping the gym this morning for an extra hour of sleep!

2. bettyjoan - May 1, 2009

Aw, thanks, Marshall! Don’t feel bad about skipping the gym–I do that plenty, too (of course, I don’t write about THOSE days, haha)!

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