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The heat is on April 28, 2009

Posted by bettyjoan in Cycling, Running, Swimming.
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Exactly two months from today, I will be competing in my very first triathlon!!!  I really need to crank up that fire under my behind, since I definitely don’t want to be the last gal across the finish line.

Speaking of fire, this weekend felt like summer rather than spring!  Our group headed to Stone Mountain for a brick on Saturday morning, and by 8:30 AM, we were already starting to feel the heat.  I did three laps around the inner loop (just over 15 miles total) and then ran just over 2 miles.  The course was moderately hilly, so the ol’ thighs were burnin’ during the ride, but I felt really strong during the run (and did both miles in under 11 minutes each).  I am really comfortable reaching into the back of my cycling jersey for an energy chew, but I still have issues reaching down for my water bottle while I’m riding.  Note to self: figure that out before race day!

My swimming is still slooooooowly improving–last week, we practiced drafting, which is basically getting really close to the athlete in front of you and “eating bubbles” (in order to reduce resistance).  I’m still not convinced that the added speed is worth the risk of getting kicked in the teeth, but we’ll see.  The long-course (50 meter) pool is freaking me out less and less each week, and I’m sure it will be downright comforting by the time we attempt our first open-water swim at the end of May.  Eek!

I don’t know what’s on tap this week as far as swimming is concerned, but our group training session on Saturday includes running the Big Peach 5K!  I’m excited–it’s been a while since I’ve run a quickie race without my dog, so I’m looking forward to doing some speed work and shaving off some time.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll even manage a PR!

Have a great week, everyone!



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