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Training Tool April 24, 2009

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It has been documented ad nauseum that people are much more likely to meet goals when they track them.  For the ING Half Marathon, I purchased an online training plan from Active.com, and it was quite helpful.  I’ve kept many a food journal, mostly in little spiral-bound mini-notebooks.  But for the triathlon, I hadn’t really settled on a good way to track both my workouts and my nutrition.

Last week, I went to get a new pair of running shoes.  During the course of my conversations with the associate, he recommended a website called Buckeye Outdoors.  He even took me behind the counter to show me a demo (service is one of MANY reasons why, if you live in Atlanta, you should check out Big Peach).  For as many bells and whistles as the site has, it is fairly user-friendly.  It’s in calendar format, so for any given day, you can enter your workouts and the system keeps a weekly log of how much swimming, cycling, running, etc. you have done (of course, you can also run other reports as well, but the weekly tracking is automatic and shows on the calendar).  There are map features for planning routes and equipment profiles to track mileage on your shoes, tires, etc.

On the nutrition front, there is a pop-up page on each calendar day that allows you to enter your weight, water consumption, sleep, energy level, and notes about your general state of being.  Then, you can search the HUGE database of foods in order to add what you’re eating to the daily log.  If a food doesn’t exist in the database, you can add it by naming it and recording its nutritional information per serving.  Then, when you scroll over a certain icon on any given calendar day, you get a listing of what you ate and a tally of your intake (calories, fat, sodium, potassium, carbs, and protein) for that day.  While you do have to make SOME effort, particularly if your foods aren’t in the database, it is a LOT easier than trying to add up all of the stats yourself.

The best part about Buckeye Outdoors?  It’s FREE!  And there are a lot more features on the site than what I mentioned here, such as discussion forums and sample training plans.

Check it out–and let me know what you think!



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