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Just Keep Swimming April 16, 2009

Posted by bettyjoan in Swimming.
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Last night at our group swim practice, our coaches said that the workout was going to be fun.  I always start shaking in my flip-flops when they utter things like that, because fun usually means fun for THEM.  This time was no exception, as they informed us that we’d be doing our longest continuous swim yet (500 meters for the beginners like me, and 800 meters for the more experienced swimmers).  Oh yeah, and they were timing us.  Stellar.  We were in the indoor pool for a change, so 500 meters equated to twenty 25-meter lengths of the pool.  Counting the laps may have been the only thing that saved me from drowning!  Even though my stroke wasn’t as pretty or efficient as it could have been, I finished the 500 in 11:17.  That represents about a third of my race distance (for Chattanooga), so assuming that the current helps me out and that I improve even more over the next two months, I should be able to finish the swim in 30-40 minutes.  Woot!

We also had a tire-changing clinic before our practice, which was short and sweet but very helpful.  Now all I need to do is go to the bike shop and actually BUY all of the necessary gadgets and doodads to carry with me.  My mentor suggested sitting in front of the TV and practicing tire-changes, which I think is a great idea.  I will probably still cry if I get a flat during either of my races, but as long as I can change it through the tears, I guess I’ll be just fine.

In addition to the above activity, I managed to sell a few BondiBands last night.  Hooray!  All in all, it was a very productive Wednesday night, and a lot more fun than I would have anticipated.  There’s just something about coming home smelling like chlorine that really makes me feel good about myself…



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