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A Vicious Cycle April 13, 2009

Posted by bettyjoan in Cycling.

This weekend was all about the bike.  To lead up to our group session, I went to the gym on Thursday afternoon to practice clipping in.  I entered the spinning room and it was blissfully empty–but within minutes (and while I was quizzically looking at all of the weirdo pedal doodads), another cyclist came in and started setting up.  Thankfully, she was also a recent convert to clipless pedals, so she gave me some pointers and helped me figure things out.  Folks, I am proud to be living proof that if you look stupid enough, someone will eventually help you.

After some upper body weightlifting and a LOUSY day at the office on Friday, I got to bed fairly early in preparation for a long, therapeutic ride on Saturday morning.  During the early drive over to “Silk Sheets” (the course, which is west of Atlanta off Fulton Industrial), I noticed that there were a lot of rolling hills–but I had no idea how truly difficult the workout would be.  Instead of a couple of steep climbs, Silk Sheets involved some really loooooong inclines, during which you really had to work with your gears in order to keep up the proper cadence and not blow out your knees.  Despite some initial trepidation about clipping in and out on the open road (a two-lane country road where the cars were zipping by mighty fast), I got into a good rhythm and finished the 20-mile loop in about two hours.  It wasn’t as fast as I would have liked, but I got some good feedback from my coaches, who wound up riding with me for a while.  I should have tagged on a 10-minute run to the end of the workout, but my legs were shot and all I could think about was breakfast.  So, to the Waffle House I went.  Hey, haven’t you ever heard the saying, “I bike so I can eat”???

On Sunday, it was absolutely gorgeous outside, so Jason and I headed out to Piedmont Park for a ride.  I did my best to share my vast wisdom about clipless pedals with him, but the park was REALLY crowded, so we did about four and a half miles and called it a day.  Unfortunately, though we were able to fit both bikes on my crappy rack on the way there, we couldn’t frickin’ figure out how to load them both up for the drive home.  I took one for the team, strapped my shoes back on, and rode the approximately four miles back to our ‘hood.  I got a little too much sun, but I was pleased with the fact that I added 8+ miles to my log for the week.  I was also happy to be clipping in and out with greater ease, as that will be crucial for training AND race day.

After a tire-changing clinic on Wednesday, I’ll be a regular Lance Armstrong-ette, dontcha think?  🙂



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