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Obligatory inaugural post March 28, 2009

Posted by bettyjoan in Uncategorized.

While maintaining two blogs may turn out to be a baaaaaaad idea, I really feel like I need a place to vent/chat/brag/cry about my triathlon training journey.  So, here goes!  Stay tuned for more thrilling updates…



1. dcrainmaker - March 31, 2009

Looking forward to hearing all about it!

2. brookem - March 31, 2009

hi there, found you through one of my faves, lexa. and if she speaks so highly of you, you must be a gem that i need to read about.

i’ve done a couple triathlons too, and wish you heaps of luck in your upcoming one! looking forward to reading about your training journey!

3. bettyjoan - March 31, 2009

DC Rainmaker: Thanks! I have really enjoyed reading your blog, though we are in VERY different leagues, athletically speaking!

Brookem: Yay, Lexa is one of my faves, too! Any friend of hers is a friend of mine. And feel free to share those triathlon tips and stories!

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